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I toasted in my dry fry frypan:Sunflower SeedsPepitasSesame SeedsOnce they were toasted nicely,I took them off the heat and drizzledTamari and Maple Syrup.Stirring the sauces through while being careful of the hot steam that comes up.Utterly and completely magnificent!

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Good morning my precious💛 

I'm unexpectedly writing, first thing this Sunday morning,
I'm sipping my cuppa,(chai)
blanky over my lap,
 the birds are singing,
the sky has fluffy streaks of fading peaches and pinks

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Ghandi taught the Indians that the British Empire didn't hold the key to their freedom.

Instead of railing against the Empire to give up their two hundred year rule, he focused in empowering Indians.

Rather than fighting the enemy, he roused the dormant inner power of the perceived "victims" by challenging the Indian people to become their own leaders.

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Hello sweetness!

It's been hot and sweaty, even sticky and sweet!

How golden, cool and magical our river water looks here in this picture
Oh what a blessing our river is.
I just could not imagine not living near a body of natural water ever again!

After a beautiful swim, at the end of some days this week, the last thing I have felt like doing is cooking dinner! 
It has been too dam hot to think, let alone cook with all faculties running.

So how do we keep loving what we're eating and feeling good while we cook in the heat?
What do we do when supplies and energy have run a little low?
Even when we feel like a red hot mess?

Don't head to the supermarket sweetness!
You don't need to!
Keep those pennies and precious energy in your back pocket! 
Let's see what you have in the cupboard and have some fun while we're at it!
Shall we?

Yes, let's!😘

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Oh 2022 who are you?

My teacher, my friend,

My mentor, task master

My partner in crime,

Fellow thrill seeker?

Where will I rise?

Where will I fall?

Where will I toil?

Where will I have an absolute ball? 

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