We acknowledge that this newsletter was written on and our business is located on Wurundjeri Country. We pay respects to Wurundjeri elders, past, present and emerging. We give our gratitude and love for their care of their land, water and culture and acknowledge that they never ceded sovereignty.

Hello sweetness!

It's been hot and sweaty, even sticky and sweet!

How golden, cool and magical our river water looks here in this picture
Oh what a blessing our river is.
I just could not imagine not living near a body of natural water ever again!

After a beautiful swim, at the end of some days this week, the last thing I have felt like doing is cooking dinner! 
It has been too dam hot to think, let alone cook with all faculties running.

So how do we keep loving what we're eating and feeling good while we cook in the heat?
What do we do when supplies and energy have run a little low?
Even when we feel like a red hot mess?

Don't head to the supermarket sweetness!
You don't need to!
Keep those pennies and precious energy in your back pocket! 
Let's see what you have in the cupboard and have some fun while we're at it!
Shall we?

Yes, let's!😘

Shakshuka, Shakshuka

( I hear a Kate Bush 'Babooshka' tune coming on!.
Perhaps pump up the speakers to this fun little tune, while you cook your Shakshuka!
Darling, dancing to this is a must!)

So you find yourself hot, dam hot, the relief of opening the fridge is an absolute delight. ,
Even when supplies are low, you may even find yourself linger in the fridge's cool air a little longer.
You're just trying to whip up a meal in your hot and sweaty little head! 😆

Eggs! I always hope you have eggs even in the emptiest of fridges!
Some passata, or diced tomatoes in the pantry?
Some veg in the fridge?

Then let's Shakshuka!!!

In a shallow saucepan or fry pan,(that has a lid) pop in diced tomaotes or passata,
(Any veg, onions, herbs and spices are delicious and optional for how you feel and have available on the day)

What is not optional is some salt and a touch of dark brown sugar (or any sweetner) for an Italiana little tip for you my dear.

Once this is bubbling away, you know when the tomatoes are looking cooked?

Crack those eggs in and let those babies cook in all this saucy goodness.

Pop the saucepan lid on top, some salt and pepper on your eggs.
And you have Shakshukaed!

My youngest does not like eggs, however, he will eat his eggs Shashuska style!

Serve with bread or toast, rice, even pasta, or with a crisp salad straight from the nice, cool fridge.
Seriously this meal is perfect for any meal of the day, ready in 20 mins sweetness.
You're now both saved and delighted!

And I know you maybe hot and bothered. Tired and exhausted.
Do play some sweet Kate Bush and you'll be lighter and brighter.
Once again darling, you must dance!

I have made it part of the recipe!

http:// https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xckBwPdo1c

Have you run out of bread hun?

Well we did, so Michael went where I would not have even considered.

Using the mornings left over crepe mix, he whipped up some crepes and filled them with salad,
Yep, just like a salad roll.

Grated cheese and carrot, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber; the works!
 Use whatever you have available that you would make a salad with.
Even a left over grain salad of some kind could be a filling.

 A salad roll crepe.

The kids ate it up like the novelty it is!
Crepes do make everything more delicious and exciting in our home.

In the picture above I added some of Sanna's inspiration from her Ayurvedic Crispy Buckwheat Crepe's
(recipe is below) 
by adding some chopped herbs to the batter as soon as I have ladled it into the frypan.

I was happy to eat anything that night, and my man brought home the goods!

On that note, in appreciation for Michael's wild culinary inspiration...
Mmm what tune for this tribute of appreciation I wonder?

It's Raining Men of course!
Only the original film clip will do!

Ah yeah sister, god bless mother nature!


Simple Crepe Recipe

1 cup plain flour
1 cup milk
1 egg
pinch of salt.

Whisk liquid in slowly to avoid lumps.
Fry in fry pan.

Buckwheat Crispy Crepe 
( these are super easy too!)



Although we are not baking!

Bliss balls rule. And yes you may not have Medjool dates, or the exact ingredients you like to use.
A lovely little chat with Angela had us raving about her bliss ball concoctions!

You have the power to create you glorious being!
Let me fill you in on a secret... you can use anything.

So in your food processor add.

Any nuts, or no nuts and just dried fruit?
Some nut meal works too!
In the above pic I used the last of the nuts left over from camping, there was crumbs, broken nuts, peanuts, brazil nuts, hazelnuts, some salted and unsalted.
A wild left over mix, and still the balls were delicious and we them gobbled up nice and cold from the fridge!

Add something wet, peanut butter, tahini, plant milk, coconut oil, even water sweet heart.
Whatever works to just soften the mix up to bind the ingredients to a thick dough consistency.
Use any combination of the above even.

You want chocolate?
Use your cacao powder, or a little left over block of chocolate.
Cacao nibs work too.
Or get stuck into your carob? Or leave the choc for some sweet fruit flavors.

Vanilla perhaps?
Coconut, desiccated or flaked?
Some hemp seeds or whatever you feel to fortify yourself with.
Oats, protein powder, spirulina.
Oooh yeah some spices, cinnamon, cardamom, too?

You just need your food processor to whip it up while you keep an eye on it for when it all of sudden turns into bliss ball dough.

Sometimes I do big balls when I know I want a big snack, or lots of tiny balls for fun, so they are like a little Maltesers style treats.

Are they called  bliss balls because they taste good or are  easy to make or good for us?
All of the above I say!

No tune here honey, that would just be silly, you won't hear it over the din of the food processor 😆

Here is a picture of Storm, never too far from the kitchen when I'm cooking!

So on this delicious note, I will love you and leave you to conjure up your own blissful bit of magic and ease to  dance through your feel good food week with!

May you have ease and flow, creativity and fun.
Good food and dance!

Chris and the Fill good Fam!


P.S.(I'm getting into the swing of socials, so if you are into this, you can see me there. Social media stories I treat like you have walked into my shop and we're having a chat. Posts are like my shop front of what's going on. This has been a really lovely perspective of how to navigate this space)



A little sweet and friendly tap on the shoulder as I cut into this dance and invite you to Shop now my  dear one and feel like a winner for the week ahead, as you use up what is in the cupboards before your
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It's just a click away!
Winning with plastic free freshness of course.
Only the best for you honey bunch!