There is NO dish of any type that has come close to being made or loved as much as the raw cabbage salad we’ve shared over

The wildest thing is how many toddlers and kids love this too. And for those of you focused on maintaining stable glucose, this is an excellent side dish to eat with a meal. The acid in the dressing tells the muscles to absorb glucose from the meal meaning it doesn’t dump into your blood stream as fast.

Raw cabbage, sliced very finely (I totally recommend a food processor with a slice blade for this, though many do by hand). For the sharp, clean flavour and freshness (that both my kids will eat), it’s hard to go past this 5min instant pickled cabbage salad.

It gets better with age and I press a sh1t-tonne into jars whenever I make it though it rarely gets past a few days because it’s so versatile. ⁣
⁣All my friends also have this one on rotation.

We served this on hot potatoes but the options are endless: ⁣
Juicy burgers⁣
Hot potatoes⁣
Indian curry side dish⁣
BBQ salad⁣
Use in wraps or sandwiches⁣

These are not exact measurements because it’s not that type of salad. Please use your taste-buds and adjust accordingly. ⁣

1/2 red cabbage ⁣
2-3 tbs olive oil⁣
2 tbs red wine vinegar⁣
2 cloves fresh garlic, minced⁣
A few pinches of sea salt⁣

Slice the cabbage as finely as possible (I use my food processor)⁣
Transfer to a large bowl⁣
Add minced garlic over the top, salt and your lashings of olive oil and red wine vinegar. ⁣
Massage in with your hands⁣

Store in a container or press into a saved jar like sauerkraut. ⁣