Peter's Gooey Hazelnut Muffins


Peter's Gooey Hazelnut Muffins

When Peter comes in, he has,without fail, everyone in the shop beaming and excited as he drops his next foodie bomb

This time it is hazelnut muffins....but wait for it
you get the to die for experience from blitzing your hazelnuts to become a paste as your base
Thanks Peter for your warmth, joy and yumminess you bring to Fill Good! 
Peter's Hazelnut Muffins

2.5 cups of roasted hazelnuts with mostly shells off. Put in food processor or thermomix and blend until a creamy butter texture 
Add 2 eggs beaten
One teaspoon baking powder
Pinch Celtic salt
50 grams melted butter
A splash or 3 Vanilla extract
No more than half cup of Maple syrup
Then add what u like 
Cacao so it's Nutella like with some chocolate chips
I add fill good organic dried pears chopped finely
Mix together and if mixture to thick add some liquid eg water kefir etc even cold coffee
You want a sloppy consistency 
Into individual muffin liners
Bake oven 180 between 16 and 20 minutes.

I think you cold also make slice with this too!.