Lentil Savoury Crepes


Lentil Savoury Crepes

Lentil Savoury Crepes

These were so crazy delicous, and they even gave my Sunday Roast a whole new spin as I placed the juicy meat inside them with some Kraut and Sour Cream

One of our regular Fill Good customers, a man of sincere words, that are few and precious, shared his recipe with me and here it is for you all

From one Fill Gooder to another 



Take 1 part or 1 cup of split lentils
Red, Moong Dahl, any so long as they are split

Soak these lentils in 1 1/4 cups of water

Wait for a few hours until all the water has been absorbed

You are now ready to blend up your batter

Add garlic and/ or onion powder.
You can actually add any of your favourite spices.
I added just garlic this time and some salt

Place mixture in the blender and add water until you get the desired consistency to make a crepe batter

Hot ghee is the best, melted in the pan or coconut oil

Fry your crepe

And be prepared for a flavour bomb!

Vegan and Dairy, Egg, and Gluten free

A savoury crepe for break fast, lunch or dinner

I never would have expected such a treat!