Organic Smooth Almond Butter

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Ceres Organics Almond Butter uses certified organic almonds, lightly roasted then ground with a ’wee bit of sea salt’ to bring out its distinct, rich flavour. It’s great as a spread, sauce and baking ingredient.


Certified Organic Almonds, Sea Salt

NO additives, artificial preservatives, colours or emulsifiers.
Some of the many uses for almond butter are

  • Eat this delicious butter on toast, bread, English muffins, and bagels. ‚Ķ
  • Put some  butter on some oatmeal as a topping with some maple syrup or coconut flakes.
  • As a sweet potato topping. ‚Ķ
  • Use some butter as an ingredient in your favourite banana or chocolate muffin recipe.