WEEK #99 Our Vibration Is Rising Together Honey Bunch!

We acknowledge that this newsletter was written on and our business is located on Wurrundjeri Country. We pay respects to Wurrundjeri elders, past, present and emerging. 

Hello gorgeous!

How strong are we getting hey? You, me and us all together!

It's bloody hard work, without a doubt! Muscles upon emotional muscles getting worked and stronger. And what comradery we are sharing!

Rest, care and compassion for self are vital when working this hard!

The love, care, gifting is in the air, swirling around like the spring pollen and blossom petals.

However instead of hay fever we're getting sweet doses of each other. 

When we re up, we all seem to be reaching out, when we're low, we don't need to look far for a hit of local love. Why, here I am with many other loving hands ready to reach you dear one. 

Savour every loving act, and let each gift out shine what is hard.

Well last week's newsletter, left me with a little bout of impostor syndrome. 

My little voice was whispering...

"Chris, who do you think you are talking about joy?' ' You're not equipped.' 'You don't know another's circumstances'" 
Fear was having a crack at the drivers seat.

It was dear Angela's words who fortified me

'I am really harnessing (devotion) right now – the external circumstances are irrelevant to my devotion to connection, fun and finding joy.

My top focus this week is to find more joy in doing everyday tasks. Bring on more fun while doing the washing, dishes and more! 🤸‍♀️💃'

The sacred in the mundane. The nourishment of simple joys.
It's a choice we can make. to survive, live, love and thrive.

Melanie's words sums it right up.

'Yes indeed, who are we to ask the question, shall we thrive, no matter the circumstances? Shall we choose love, and gratitude, hell or high water? Why not? Let's go for it! Every day could be our last (I don't propose recklessness! or false positivity. I choose to feel it all, waves pass too, always coming home to the centre. to the nectar), it could be our last, so I am opening more and more each day, each day, a precious gift.'

Drop the mic!

Many, many conversations this week have me blown away with how uniquely yet in sync we are journeying through this time together.

Yes honey, each day is still a precious gift!

We are being challenged to choose love. To have this become habit and self sustaining also. It's not up to the outside world, for the moment, to provide it, we are indeed digging deep to find and maintain it in ourselves and in our community with each other.

You guys are conduits of our great source. Let's keep imagining and manifesting our best possible world for I am imaging a magnificent one!

Something pretty special happened for us this week.

The Businesses Australia Facebook group was created to address concerns about discrimination regarding medical choice when entering a business.

Well the people have spoken and do indeed stand on very solid common ground together for equality and privacy in all aspects of life, including medical choice. 

This group has needed to be capped at 146,000 members for reasons I speculate that most groups who seem to cause a stir get taken down. However in this groups very short and active time there has more than 146K businesses, including yours truly, able to welcome everyone.

What an act of love from people we may never meet, but shining equality out to us all.

Here is the link you may like to take a peek at. The open and  beaming faces of these business owners is a balm for these times :)


So darling I have been discerning with choices and influences that are disconnecting me from my joy, resourcefulness and empowerment.
I am actively living in my tangible world as present as I can be.
My home, garden, people and pets. are rich sources of nourishment for me

“Fear is a reaction. Courage is a decision.
Winston Churchill

Choosing to protect and nourish my joy is a choice. It takes courage and even discipline for me.
We are doing it, you and me. 
We're rising, connecting, our love and care is swirling in the air.

You guys are my people and I thank you deeply.

Let's go forth together fully alive and let's thrive!

Practice, practice practicing this.. Each day is a new start.

Sweetest of Sundays to you sweet heart.

Lovin' you always

Chris and the Fill Good Fam xx