We acknowledge that this newsletter was written on and our business is located on Wurrundjeri Country. We pay respects to Wurrundjeri elders, past, present and emerging. 

Hello darling,

How can we come through this time more intact?

How can we do this together?

How do we survive?

Do we even dare to thrive?

I'm finding it is an active choice for me.

At home we call it quicksand. There are days when every single action I feel like I am resisting the urge to sink into the quicksand. The feeling of not being bothered. Not tiredness, but lethargy that has potential to be endless

I have found my markers, the choices I make in my day that have me feeling on track and grateful. Most of the time I don't feel like doing them. I need to actively choose them to not step into the quicksand.

Seems we are all finding our ways to avoid the quicksand.

Our own personal love bombs.  Choices we are making to,


It feels like we are being called to do some of the biggest work together that our generation has ever been called to do.

This work to be emotionally and mentally self sustainable within self. It's a biggie. But what a resource we can harness as a generation. To have our joy, care, connection and creativity intact and even thriving despite what the outside world is demonstrating.

There is so much we are being called to face. It is also requiring us to find new self sustainable foundations. 

Let's start small. Tending to, protecting and actively choosing the actions that keep us connected to our love and joy. Your actions may be different to mine. Perfect! Let's commit and choose to fill our cups from different resources, so then it can be full and runneth over to fill another's.

If you have any you would to share, I would love hear from you :)


Jordan our farmer from Everlasting Farm, kick started our Fill Good Fresh. We kicked off last Summer with Jordan's own organic veg and ever so quickly this dynamic human had Fill Good with a huge range of the best of the best local organic produce. You see our local farmers are brothers and sisters on the land and share resources and bounty. 

As the seasons progressed, Jordan, took on the organic wholesale market to supplement what was no longer available locally. Fill Good had the first pick of produce, through a farmer's eye, and the rest he sold at market on Sunday.

 Jordan being the discerning man he is, was able to recognize and make the call that buying in veg and spending time down the retail route was taking vital time away from his farm particularly as we are on the precipice of our next growing season. 

 My heart skips a beat as I am remember and look forward to what we feasted on last season. This is the savoured pleasure on hand when we eat seasonally. Yummm

We are so grateful and excited to be learning and sharing this journey with Jordan and our other growers. Supporting and waiting patiently for our local harvest to come. We can't force a flower to bloom nor can we with our precious land and farmers.

So what does Fill Good Fresh look like now?

Well honey bunch, firstly

We will have our local fresh available all week long.
Whoo Hoo!

This week we will be have our local Rayner's fruit with bulk buying sizes coming soon.

Organic onions, potatoes, pumpkins and sweet potatoes.

Our local organic Gladysdale avocadoes are a sure sign the growing season is coming. Remember those stunning avocadoes? The creaminess and flavour incomparable. Yep, these are available all week with local freshness and affordability for local people.

Our Everlasting Farm organic heritage chicken eggs are now available all week long.
Fresh and sweet baby carrots and radish coming soon.
(It will be so nice to eat freshly picked local again)

We are also about to introduce you guys to a new local, small producer with their stunning lettuce mix and eggs.

Friday's always a perfect time to shop for the weekend, will have Anda's sourdough, Erik's bagels and Jack's Cheese in our Bakery and Dairy Section. ( there is more to come here too! 😋)

Fill Good Eats with Susanna will stay available on Friday's also so for anyone who not only wants to take a night off from cooking but will also be transported to a far off land with Susanna's exotic and authentic flavours with freshness that is like you were in a village in  Italy, France, Thailand, Sri Lanka, or Spain.. This week lasagna is back!! Susanna can be our Nonna this week ❤

Keep an ear out for any other small producers that may have some fresh growing. We would love to connect!

Here is a sneak peak of what Jordan has instore for us all. Oh be still my beating heart!


So my darlings, Fill Good is here for you all. A sanctuary away from the chaos outside . A safe space. We have our commitment to loving choices of creation. For you, for me, for all of us to stand together on our common ground of love, and health for our bodies, land and each other. If our community is well, we are too.

Call to say hi anytime sweet friend.

We've got this and each other

Simple path scratchings by my 13 year old who has definitely lightened since opening her heart outwards to help others smile knowing they are loved. 😘 Get it out there however you can my darlings xx Amida and Fam

I'm off now to celebrate Michael this Father's day. How much simpler and sweeter have celebrations become? We have what is most important and the space to bask in this.

Wishing fathers near and far a day of love and thanks.

Pancakes here we come!

Sending love always

Chris and the Fill Good Fam xx❤❤❤❤