Hello darling,


Yep, I'm serious, right now breathe with me.

In through the nose; I am breathing as I write to you

Hold it....

Now slowly let your breathe out

How nice does that feel?

Do a few more, as I have while I've been typing

It's you and me right now sweetheart. I am writing directly to you and you are reading my words. They are our words, now.

No judgment here, our feelings are perfect, just the absolute truth of our present moment.

It's pretty noisy out there, hey?

Now check your tongue, it is at the roof of your mouth or relaxed behind your bottom teeth?

Relax your tongue.

Soften, soften your body, your heart, your mind.


Smile, and feel your soft smile.

 Robert Gordan talks about anxiety being the fear of the unknown.

Anxiety is not fear. Fear is a threat in your present moment.
Anxiety is fear of what may happen.

Anxiety hurts, it disables and disconnects us from our self confidence and can prolong.

How should we handle anxiety then?

Rob Gordan speaks of naming it and facing it.

A bit like Elizabeth Gilbert, not letting fear sit in the drivers seat.

To be brave we need to conquer fear.

Without fear there is no bravery.

Our time is ripe for bravery.

The application of this is as unique as our anxiety.

We are each a complex mix of our biology, genetics and environment.

I have been taking my fears out of the dark, in other words, I have not been ignoring them, but giving them attention, and answering them with my own bravery.

More gold from Amida

Hey lovelies,
We are welcoming you to share the love ❤💙💚💛💜 throughout the Beautiful Yarra Valley for this spontaneous "Signs of love" community art project .

Make a symbol of love however you feel and place it somewhere special on your walks locally.

Maybe a nature Mandala with a few special found objects, leaves, petals, rocks.......
A little natural sculpture or a crochet heart or two.
Be imaginative 😍

Let's just show everyone that we are here together and holding spaces of love no matter what.
Forward this onto others if you feel too.
Then send a pic to friends to find your places of love throughout this wild and wonderful valley.

😘 Please know that we Love you lots xxxx
Amida , Toby, Elkin & Cassia


I was having a conversation recently with a dear friend about Elizabeth Gilbert and her book Big Magic,  The following words have stayed in my heart, she wrote

'I just love the fierce devotion to which she( Elizabeth) remained on her true path. I am really harnessing that right now – the external circumstances are irrelevant to my devotion to connection, fun and finding joy.

My top focus this week is to find more joy in doing everyday tasks. Bring on more fun while doing the washing, dishes and more! 🤸‍♀️💃'

Stay grounded and together with me my friend. Keep yourself strong and loving.

Connect Connect Connect!

Put your energy and intention where it will nourish and thrive.

We've got this honey, and each other.

Sending love always

Chris and the Fill Good Fam xx❤❤❤❤