Hello darlin'

Connect, give and turn to gold hey?

You know it hun. 

Connect, connect connect! It's vital, for you and the one you're reaching out to. While our individual situations are different, we all have a HUGE common ground we can connect on. At the very least honey bunch, lets pick up the phone to someone we know well, or not so well, and call to say howdy and thinkin of ya 🖐 Nurturing our community ties, is fertile ground right now.

(pic above is Kintsugi, or Kintsukuroi, is the centuries-old Japanese art of fixing broken pottery with gold)

Oh Elizabeth Gilbert

This week I listened to the divine Elizabeth Gilbert. She is an author and public figure and everything you read or watch by Liz, is gold!

During the interview, Liz commented on how people have asked about how she conquered fear with her work.
Well, her spectacular response goes like this...

I didn't conquer fear. I thanked it for taking care of me and being there to keep me safe. I also took it out of the drivers seat, had it sit in the back, and no, it can't hold the road map. It's a companion I live with, but it's not in the drivers seat'

This statement I'm sure will land differently for all of us, however I reckon there is a little gold there for us a💛 !!

Keep creating for yourself first, care for it and the rest will follow.

I'm also watching so much creativity going on right now, The human spirit is indeed like water, and finds the cracks to keep flowing through.

The abundance of online courses available, people finding their creative passions and even turning them into businesses. Particularly in a time when we are searching for ways to support our everyday people. More than ever we are appreciating each others inspirations.

If we can create from our hearts for ourselves first, then keep the passion nurtured with some discipline and care and should this resonate with another, then my dear, you have a heart aligned business.

Keep creating for yourself first, care for it and the rest will follow.

When I think of the people power behind, Ebay, AirBnB and Uber,( to name a few big names that made it with everyday people power) Creative thinking created systems to provide safe spaces, built on trust and transparency. My mind goes into a spin and my heart a flutter to see what we can create together next.

Sowing our seeds together

This is certainly what we are creating here with Fill Good. Our food has freshness and quality that shines through, we are supplying locals a kitchen door experience (rather than cellar door) local food for each other, and plastic free to boot! When you re packing and supplying fresh, plastic is just a down grade and an obstacle, rather than the convenience it rose to popularity with.

With brown paper packages hand written and sealed with a heart for you my dear.

Thank you for sharing this time with us, thank you for your kindness, understanding and co creation in our community. It's time to start sowing our spring and summer seeds.

We're loving getting into our garden at home and our work here in our Fill Good land with you all,

Whether it be our Bulk Foods from our local producers, Fill Good Eats with Susanna's meals or our Friday Fresh with Jordan and Bronte.

Life is golden for you and me, and us all together.

Thanks for sharing, and giving and receiving the love.

Chris and the Fill Good Fam xx