Our depths and our heights together!

Well my darling how much did we need the sun today! It's warmth and light was such a lift!

Some golden words on our depths and heights, that have buoyed me through this week...

'Meet what comes our way with grounded strength. We can chose to flee and let fear run the show or ground into our power and meet it. The choice is ours' Steve Sonsie, Freeform Martial arts

and then going to our heights.

"A question for the challenges of this time. Are our self limiting beliefs letting external limitations prevent us from serving and living from our highest state of love? Are WE ultimately letting our internal fears use our external circumstances to limit us?" Sabrina Lyn Rewilding for Men and Women


Our young folk and children have inspired me with their adaptability, to no end, the last couple of day.

I've heard of young couples, putting on a suit and dress, lighting candles, drinking wine and slow dancing to Billie Holiday by the candlelight outside in their garden with a blanket on their laps.

Couples taking baths together, locking the door and washing each other's hair.

Local children have jumped on their bikes and dropped little quirky notes in neighbours letter boxes (above is the little hello note we received).

Children are being brave and creative. Where once they could rely on the surety of seeing each other at school, now they need to reach out to connect. It took my kids a while to get onboard with this particularly

These guys are inspiring me to continue to adapt and exercise creative connection.

My simple, easy to measure Pancake Recipe

4 cups of plain flour and 4 eggs 🥚 

Then slowly pour and whisk in 4 cups of milk and 100gm of melted butter 🧈 

Stir until there are no more lumps.

Some comfort food, with minimal preparation, ready all day long.

Fill Good's Mid Week Eats with Susanna

So talking comfort food, and creative connection I would like to introduce Susanna Luebbers!

What an angel. She feels like a dear Aunt who loves to cook for me.

Susanna and I have been talking for a little while about Fill Good Eats and well, it all seemed to come together  with what appears to be good timing with our lockdown.

Susanna cooks wholesome meals, with generous portions, full of love and flavour and with her professional skills and retreat and function chef experience she also adapts meals to be vegan and gluten free. All cooked from scratch with seasonal vegetable from her organic veggie garden on the mountain (above is a pic of Susannah's home and garden).

I have felt such joy, comfort and ease knowing that Susanna has been preparing a meal for me each week and I can have a night off from cooking with a delicious meal look forward to. No fast food take away for a break either!

Susanna's meals can be a support for your home and possibly a support or gift to give to another.

A new menu each week, this week Susanna is cooking Lasagna, Bolognese or Vegetarian or Vegan. Gluten free options too! Orders in by Tuesday 12pm and pick ups or deliveries will be available Wednesday between 12 and 6pm.

Our dynamic community just added a whole new spectacular service.

So my darlings, another week where we can exercise our essential and creative connections.

To keep connecting, living and loving together with our shared common ground of a life of health and abundance.

That's what it's all about hey!

So much love and thanks to you and what we are sharing together ❤❤

Chris and the Fill Good Fam xx