Local Spring Water

Hello dear friend,

What a rich and fertile time it is to give and receive some care!

Adversity and uncertainty can also be tools for connection.

I listened to a podcast recently where I was reminded by a co op community member speaking about how his community is made up of many different people with varying backgrounds, life experiences, and even opposite political, religious and social views, however this was not why they thrived as a community together. All the differing views were seen as an opportunity for acceptance, understanding and broadening each other's information resources, however the reason why they thrived was the shared priority of living well together. This included shared projects of land and food care. They all wanted healthy food, thriving land, clean air and water, and together they shared work, food, time and energy contributing to their social fabric. If their neighbours were healthy, happy and thriving, then there was opportunity for them also.

I love this, and certainly we are in a time rich for this kind of action for each other and ourselves. Checking in on someone or reaching out yourself. Both are vital ways to keep us all thriving together for the big picture we share. Our common ground to have access to clean and healthy food, air and water while caring for our land, flora and fauna are where we are united. The work here is immense as you know, and the way we can keep going forward with this is by taking care of each other or else the good work just won't get done. The destructive ways will continue to have opportunity to harm.

Being compassionate, gentle and kind on ourselves and each other goes a long way. Catching ourselves when we feel triggered, using our tools to re centre, continuing our support of our shared cause is the path to resilience, empowerment and attaining our ultimate shared dreams for our future and for those that follow. Injustice just won't have room here!

This week I would like to thank Tanya for her box of beautiful lemons on our front table for our community to help themselves to and to Richard with his generous and kind offer of local spring water from Don Valley.

Recently we were put on water from Silvan dam that had fluoride in it. We can taste the difference and our stomachs noticed also. Shared community communication and action had Richard and I meet as Richard is keen to help his community out by co ordinating a time to have locals come up and fill up with spring water from his property. A much closer option than the beautiful Donna Buang water we are so grateful to have access to.

Should you be interested in this, please send me an email with your interest and together we can organise a time that suits, to start getting our Don Valley spring water.  Richard is set up with access and supply and this offer is a very generous one we are very grateful to share and accept. Receiving is the giving and the giving is the receiving.

Email me at
info@fillgood.com.au to let me know about your interest.



Every lockdown Rayner's cops another blow to a small family farm who continues to struggle since international visitor's were unable to keep bringing in their financial support. This international financial injection was vital to keep Rayner's running and also ensured we were able to enjoy their fruit and proximity to our local farming and food security. So to give them a helping hand and for a chance for us to have some extra local yumminess!

This week only Rayner's is baking for Fill Good plastic free!

Rayner's also don't just limit themselves to selling their fruit both fresh and bottles, but they also cook magnificent traditional fruit pies!

Rayner's Roasted Peach and Blueberry pies are the stuff in story books.

Fruit picked off the farm, cooked up with hand made pastry. All simple whole ingredients.

Peaches, Blueberries, Flour, Sugar and Butter.

For Fill Good THIS WEEK ONLY Freshly baked, in a foil pie dish and packed in a paper bag. Pies freeze well should you like to stock up. 

Discounted price for 2 pies offer.

So this week my dears, look out ways to live and love well, email me about some spring water should it serves, or grab some Rayner's with your Fill Good shop.

Sending love and thanks

Chris and the Fill Good Fam xx