Hello gorgeous!

This is a sweet little Fill Good LOVE BOMB coming your way!

I was catching up with an old friend recently, who I have not spoken to since pre Fill Good, and as I filled him in on our Fill Good journey of hand packed brown paper bags of goodness, our local producer's bounty, Friday Fresh fruit, veg, bagels, cheese, sourdough, our community living and loving together he just beamed, slapped the table and said it was the best good news story he had heard in a long time!

It's true hey? We're living a good news story, the stuff dreams are made of every time we take a visit over to good old Fill Good!  While we're journeying through adversity together, we're also still choosing each other by supporting local thus contributing to our local food security and economy. Which goes hand in hand with what we spoke about last week, if our neighbours thrive, we do too. Knowing where our food comes from, that land and people are cared for, connections forged and fortified daily, is the best investment in our future together we can make.

What a bunch of legends we are hey honey? History has told of many times of adversity, wars, droughts, natural disaster's, financial collapses, the list goes on. And these times passed. There was recovery. How will we look back on this time? What are we choosing? Thank you Angela for this empowering conversation.

Even more so now the physical, emotional and mental care of myself and my family are the absolute highest priority, caring for ourselves so we are available to care for others. Our resilience goes up and down, we are grateful when someone picks us up and are ever ready to be the ones reaching out ourselves. 

Self care and care for others is the most sustainable, way forward I believe.

I'm finding small and simple rituals throughout the day are tangible actions that are solid and fortifying cornerstones keeping me aware and connected to my centre. I have called on tools that have got me through hard times in the past, once again they are back in my life. How did I become too busy for them!?! These days are all the more full of life because of these small yet significant actions! I'm once again getting up before the kids (it's easier now they are older!) stretching my body in the morning and connecting to my heart, after a cup of tea I resist the urge to take a peak at work and instead I wake my senses and creativity as I prepare food for the day, On the weekend's it's a Chai, during the week it's a simple soup, curry, stir fry or fritters sometimes a healthyish sweetie and then myself and the fam can help ourselves to this goodness on the hob throughout the day. It's a comforting and nourishing foundation. It also has the bonus should we not feel like not cooking dinner, we just have another bowl of soup with a supper of cheese or fruit or maybe just a dessert I all of sudden am inspired to whip up, crumble maybe? YUM!

 It's simple, gentle and making the necessary a ritual. I am learning more and more the power of gentleness.

 Another caring moment this week was a beautiful share from Amida, who brought new music to our home

An ambient and soulful play


And a Celtic one, that is lively, fun and lifts the spirits!

Dear friends,
This Celtic playlist will have you flinging yourself around with open arms and hearts. 💚
Grab those study weary kids and teenagers and fly on the rhythms.
From our family to yours with love.
May Laughter and Movement see us through xx


So my darling, we are living through a time of adversity, without a doubt, we re still choosing each other. Three new Aussie producers this week no less!  And there is more gold on it's way to you all. I'm so excited  I can hardly bear not to tell you, but be patient, it will be worth the wait, You are choosing us and  we re choosing you.
May you journey well this week with your self care and have your resilience ready to lift another.

You guys are a blessing to share this ride called life with. 

My Rayner's roasted peach and blueberry pie is now calling, another bit of local abundance we have all brought to Fill Good. Sending every kind of delicious love and comfort to you all.

Chris and the Fill Good Fam. 🧡💛🧡xx