WEEK #88 An Idea For Now

We acknowledge that this newsletter was written on and our business is located on Wurrundjeri Country. We pay respects to Wurrundjeri elders, past, present and emerging. 

Hello dear friend,

What to say and how to say something at this time?!

Re center and go back to foundations, our Fill Good community.

There you are. Hello! 💛😍💛

When a challenge arises leaning into it and searching for the gold, the lesson, the growth, the opportunity for change is a stunning go to. It actually has never failed me yet, and gets me on the path to recovery.

So I have been pondering and conversing about the gold individually of this time, and now collectively.

The collective lesson, seemed too big and overwhelming not that long ago, now it is starting, for me, to look like a viable way forward, with you all and Fill Good.

Activating our goodness, generosity, acceptance and humanity together we have accomplished so much with Fill Good, connecting local producers to our community, sharing local news, events, triumphs and challenges.

Now we have another opportunity to continue to grow our connections and supports.

This week I would like to highlight our hands on body workers who are greatly affected by lockdowns. These guys whose work is hands on medicine, no zoom call can capture. Human touch.

The opportunity to support these practitioners is available with purchasing vouchers from them.

You may like to step out of lockdown with the symbolic action of hands on touch. Gifting yourself and gifting the body worker with the opportunity to practice their medicine.

Or you may like to pre buy a gift voucher for a birthday, father's day, thank you or a 'just because I love you' massage. You maybe be all sorted in advance, a bit of piece of mind for the hard to buy loved one! 😁



My family and I have had such great work  at the Yarra Valley Community Clinic in Don Valley. Sanna with her Zen Thai massage and Phuong with her Shiatsu.  Running one a month, offerring an accessable and affordable body work experience Sanna and Phuong are using the model of a community clinic where you are receiving your massage next to another person having a treatment too.

The warmth and ambience of the space is amplified with 4 people ( 2 one on one treatments happening next to eachother) everyone there for the same reason, to soak in all the body, mind and emotional yumminess. The Don Valley community hall is well and truly transformed with the ambient lighting, music and essential oils diffused. This monthly clinic books out very quickly, however Sanna and Phuong have made available the next 2 months appointments in advance, July and August, to avoid missing out.

Book via the link below


They also both practice privately from their homes in Don Valley and Warburton and offer in home visits too. 

So, if you can, turn this time into gold for our community by booking in with your favourite body worker, keeping them afloat so they can continue their medicine is indeed a sweet investment for all. Giving is the receiving and receiving is the giving..

I would also like to extend this invitation out to you all, should there be anything anyone needs, or would like to share, your Fill Good community is here. Ready to give and receive My email is info@fillgood.com.au and my number is 0413 593 570

We've got this and each other, turning this into gold together

Sending love

Chris and the Fill Good Fam xx