Good morning my dear!

Oh what a glorious one it is!

I have been going thru a transition. Maybe it's the autumn going inwards, or processing the unsustainable habits and effects of 2020 or just 44 years going around the sun? Like all good work there has been toil and grace. It's even been exciting as I take  the time to truly explore what makes Chris tick and does not. How do I make room for me, Chris, woman and mother? For my rest and delight in a busy and robust world, work and family life? Why is this even a struggle and question? Where have I not been brave? This privilege and freedom is an immense gift in itself that I don't take lightly. There is gold in this for me, my world and beyond and is ultimately keeps me going forward with this exploration.

So it has been the coming celebration, that sang my heart back to writing. A time of celebrating the mother, the feminine that I could not let pass. As indeed it is the feminine inspiration that has created it all, Fill Good, every offering from each producer has been birthed and mothered into creation. And the very foundations of Fill Good is to champion our local Rockstars (producers) for you legends to bring into your homes and hearts to nourish and enjoy.

I would also like acknowledge those who have grief around this time. I have found leaning into our great mother and my feminine within and what she has birthed a comfort and holding that has lovingly held my  pain and joy as a mother does. A constant presence, always ready to give and receive.. I'm sending you so much love during this time and may this day have opportunity for celebration and love in a form that comforts and serves. .

With much love I write to you, Fill Good's tribute to mother, the feminine and our great mother


What is more precious than gold? A beautiful memory! How about this as our starting point for mother's day next week?

It's the simple and sweet ideas that come when we let our daydreams take flight, our hearts swell and our child-like sense of fun go untamed as we think of how much we love mother. This, money just can't buy and makes the longest-lasting memories. 

Below are some dear ponderings from some of our local Rockstars. May these ideas give you the inspiration to use what you have on hand, for whatever the day may hold for you and should a delicious suggestion make your heart sing, click on the highlighted name to start your Mother's Day Fill Good order. 

So sit back, relax, let's get all dreamy and enjoy the adventure of creating, planning and anticipating a wonderful celebration of love and thanks for next weekend.

Making memories is what it's all about ❤️



Keeping it simple and from the heart leaves stacks of room for spontaneity and creativity that has everyone enjoying the day. 

Erik, our bagel master, let me in on one of his favorite ideas for a mother's day, gifting breakfast in bed. While mum is soft and sleepy with the promise of the day ahead, a serving of a whole lot of love on a plate is a beautiful start. It's simple, decadent and full of love! Cuddle and snuggle away!

Erik's suggestion...

Mmmm, let's start with a nice warm cuppa for mum, as she greets the day. A good coffee, Silva's is the way to go or a warming cup of Chai, Holy Cow reigns supreme. Give mum a kiss on the cheek and a little sweet moment to herself with her warm drink to sip away on while you duck back into the kitchen to toast up a Bear Bagel of choice and spread it with Stone and Crow's, Triple Cream lactic soft white cheese. This is Jack's newest creation, a mind blowing cream cheese, Stone and Crow style. A delicate, rich, cream cheese brought to a new level, tangy and and velvety with a delicate soft white mold.

Bagels and Stone and Crow's lactic cheese are a combo that is sublime and will have mum become a bit more bright-eyed after a taste of this magic! Drizzle over local iconic Cathedral Ranges honey and some fresh fruit to garnish. A  flower or autumn leaf from the garden and mum has started her day feeling like the Queen she is. 

If you're loving the sound of this and want some of this local love for mum, Click on the autumn pink highlighted items to start your Fill Good order! 


I have been known to take advantage of this day and get my family out for a big walk, without complaints on MY special day, One birthday hike, I was surprised with the sweetest little picnic with a view. It was just a snack and a drink and a memory I will cherish forever!

We enjoyed a little tipple of Badger Creek's Blueberry Farm's fortified blueberry wine, a small 250 ml bottle that was easy to carry and few little sweet treats.

 You may like to get caught up in the magic of the season and forage for some wild treasure and go on a mushrooming hunt, and take along Doris Pozzi's neat and compact WILD MUSHROOMS, THE BEGINNERS FORAGING GUIDE FOR THE YARRA VALLEY.

Look at that, you may just find dinner! Mushroom Risotto perhaps?



A light snack? Maybe a Fruit and Nut Combo.
Popping a sprig of mint in mum's water bottle also shows a little extra TLC.

Click on the picture to add to your shopping cart.


 Fruit Salad Mix

Soft, succulent, tart and sweet. On a platter, a trail mix or over yoghurt. This mix is visually stunning and a mouthwatering handy mix.

OR Some Cinnamon Buns with a thermos of tea, if we have some dedicated backpack carriers.
It's the sweet and simple ideas, that can have a loose plan woven into the fabric of the family. It may be a walk, or a comfy spot by the fire with endless cups of tea, a pot of chai on the stove for the day has the home smelling delicious and chai ever at the ready. Holy Cow makes a Dandelion and Rooibos blend should the black tea be too stimulating for later in the day.
And finally ending mum's day where she started. Such a loving and caring act could be to make mum's bed with some fresh clean sheets and pj's, a bunch of flowers on the bedside table, Bronte's organic sweet little posies are perfect for bed with their aromatic herbs included.

Even run mum an Epsom salt bath?
My favorite addition is still my Dr Planet Peppermint and Lavender.

I love the relaxation of the lavender with the freshness of the peppermint as I make a rich thick lather massaging it in.
These are just some of my simple pleasures, breakfast, bed, tea, walks, and snacks,, the rest of the day can take its form. The plans with no plans is a personal favorite of mine of how to spend the day. 

So relax into having space between lovely organised moments, be creative, have fun, and enjoy presence. Our children beholding mum on her throne, being loved and cared for in return is a gift to them and to mum. Enjoying our mothers and our great mother together.

Sending love to you always

Chris and Fill Good Fam xx ❤❤