Yarra Valley Oils

Hello legend!

Let me share another sweet bit of magic that our dear Fill Good community conjures up for us all!

You know how we all champion each other and are all shouting from the rooftops when we have another talent step up?

Well hold on honeybunch, we have no less than our very own locally-sourced essential oil producer!

Alison Hinshelwood and I met as school car park mammas. She loved Dr Planet and I loved her essential oil adventures. What a beautiful match, both of us passionate about reducing household chemicals for the health of our families and our great mother!  

Alison's love of plants and wild foraging had her choose our local Eucalyptus Radiata tree as the first essential oil to launch her grassroots business. This humble yet majestic tree is all around us and has a more gentle Eucalyptus scent that most others with a subtle and fresh peppermint-like finish. There is a gentle yet powerful purity this oil holds.

A few months ago I spoke about how wonderful it would be to know some of the local indigenous wisdom with our plants, well this Eucalypt was used by our first nation people in the valley for illnesses and ailments. Alison honours this by intuitively wild harvesting with respect, love and permission from the trees and uses the natural spring water from Donna Buang in her still. It does not get better than this hey!

This is often an area of concern with essential oils, the purity and respect for the land. Our community just got a whole lot richer!

Alison tested the waters, like most start-ups, and did her market research attending a few local markets and having face-to-face contact, with great and reassuring results. Buoyed from this experience she is now ready to sell further, Fill Good is her debut retailer my friends. That is you guys!

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So how do we use this magic

So how do we use this magic? Let me explain my many beautiful experiences with you. A multi use oil like most of mother natures offerings.


  • Antibacterial
  • Antiviral
  • Antiseptic
  • Antifungal
  • Soothes aches and pains
  • Clears the sinuses
  • Clears the chest
  • Dries up pimples
  • Clears up fungal infections
  • A Natural Cleaner and Stain remover
  • Removes Odours from the air
  • Promotes relaxation and clear thinking
  • Repels Insects


As a starting point all the below recipes are for 1% essential oil to carrier soap, water or oil ratio. 20 drops of essential oil from an essential oil bottle equals approximately 1 ml.


The sky's the limit here! 

For an all-purpose soap you can add a maximum of 5mls of essential oil to 500mls of Dr Planet Unscented. You can choose less should you prefer or mix with your own oils, peppermint or lavender work beautifully with Eucalyptus Radiata.

You now have a soap that can be used to wash your body, hair, clothes in the washing machine or spot clean, dishes in the sink or dishwasher, mop the floors, and more. An all-purpose natural soap with the beautiful Eucalyptus Radiata scent and benefits.


Add to cool boiled water for a surface spray to clean where ever you feel to. A great mirror and glass cleaner.
 Insect repellent too!


Add to a carrier oil of choice (sweet almond, hemp, olive, to name a few) to make an oil for;
- massaging into skin for aches and pains.
- assists wound healing
- can be used as wound disinfectant
- relieves sunburn
- helps dry skin
- chemical free headlice treatment
- chemical free dandruff treatment
- helps sooth and calm a itchy scalp
- clearing up fungal infections
- popped on a pimple to clear it up
- as an insect repellent


Add to your essential oil diffuser or even a few drops on the stove in a pot of water to let the steam release into the home.


- Keep out of reach of children
- Do not ingest
- Consult a health professional if pregnant
- Toxic to pets and animals. Use cautiously when around animals
- Spot test on skin, to be sure no irritation occurs

A mighty resource for us to have at our finger tips for our immune systems, and overall health.

Once again, I feel like I have to pinch myself with our own local talent and lands bounty with Alison's Eucalyptus oil, we are a lucky bunch!

Sending love and health for the week ahead

Chris and the Fill Good Fam xx