Hello there dear,

How are you? 

I'm well. Going gently winding down to the ending of the school term, our farmers are coming to the end of their great harvests, the trees are starting to let their autumn colours emerge. 

Gosh, I wish I knew what our indigenous people knew of this time and our native plants. Our landscape, now a mixture of both. And while I love the colours of the northern hemisphere's trees here, there is also a yearning to find an understanding of both the indigenous and introduced plants and how they are co-existing. It may be a metaphoric guide that our indigenous and settler cultures can harmonize together as well. What a great anchor this could be to have this fusion of cultures to make our own.

Should anyone have any knowledge or direction about Wurrundjeri Country seasons, I would love to know. 

For now, I m attentive to my energy, and to allow scaffolding in my day for resting, napping, having vigilance and awareness about spacing out my to-dos with gaps of rest. I have definitely been happier watching a movie or taking a nap then getting cosy in bed later to do some computer work rather than trying to fit everything into a 9 to 5 time frame in my home business. this flow has allowed room for creativity, and silly fun to shine on through.

Below are some beautiful scenes that are close to home, I'm sure we all recognize some of them.


These thoughts have led me quite nicely TO writing about this week being Permaculture Week in the Yarra Valley.


This week is full of just damn lovely invitations. Talk about playing to our strengths just here alone in the Upper Yarra Area. The itinerary is outstanding.
  • There are local permaculture property tours,
  • a free movie night,
  • markets and,
  • our beloved eco festival Ecotopia! And yes dear ones, next Sunday we will be celebrating at Ecotopia with our farmers, producers and community with some Fill Good info and if all goes well, some new to be unveiled Fill Good treats!
A little side note,
A huge apology to our dear market regulars who have been waiting for us to head back to market. Life is a juggle at the moment with work and family and not a week goes past that I don't plan on getting packed up and ready to go. Our online store is thriving and we're so grateful for those who have popped an order across and taken us up on our pick-up and delivery options. We're still here. All your favorites are ready and waiting for you. It's just little old me, our little family business that is full and bustling and getting to market is a bit of a pinch for the time being. Drop me an email, or a call should you prefer to not use the site directly for your shopping. We so love hearing from you, and sharing our market favorites, pears, pistachios, smoked almonds and fresh walnuts, you guys know the ones.

Follow this link here or alternatively, we have each day, close to home event, listed on our social pages





Well my dear to say thank you, every order this coming week will receive a free Peace Farm organic salad seedling punnet. While stocks last, first in best dressed!

This is such a lovely way to acknowledge Matt at PEACE farm and his seedling growing magnificence.

Matt is your guy for local, organic seedlings. he practices seed saving, grows seedlings that are suited to our climate here in the valley including heirloom varieties.

To highlight Matt' s great work while we celebrate Permaculture week we are thrilled to be gifting you this sweet little gift. Grow a little bunch lettuce on us 

See, I told you, the creativity has been flowing.


So my lovely one, look up some sweet and inspiring Permaculture events that are right on our doorsteps.

Pop an order across and we'll pop a little PEACE Farm lettuce seedling in with your order.

And if I don't get a chance to pop my head out to say hi when you received your order, I hope to see your lovely smile down at Ecotopia next Sunday.

A little hint, do check out this Tuesday's newsletter...there are some great autumn break options coming your way.

Yep the rest and creativity are coming along nicely.

Sending love always

Chris and the Fill Good Fam!


We acknowledge that this newsletter was written on and our business is located on Wurrundjeri Country. We pay respects to Wurrundjeri elders, past, present and emerging.