Hello you gorgeous creatures.

How damn delightful it has been to see all your lovely smiles. We're beaming and a little weary with all the socializing and gymnastics that 2020 has had us perform. Can you believe we're about to hit December and 2020 is coming to an end? I know I was quite unable to even think so far ahead and imagine being in this time. But we're here with all our shared experiences.. So how about A Revolution of Rest? 
In his book, Sand Talk  Tyson Yunkaporta shares some Indigenous First Nation wisdom to answer our often asked profound question.
Why are we here? What is the meaning of our life?  The simple and exquisite answer could have knocked me over with a feather.
It's our turn and time to give care. We're here to care for the land, ourselves, and each other and to leave the world ready for the generations that follow. 
YEP!! That's it isn't it! Of course. It's as big and simple as that. To care now. So this newsletter is a moment to take a breath and have a go at that. To bring care into our daily. it's always there, of course, I'm also talking about the care that is grounded in common sense, and following our deep down gut guidance to choose the absolute highest good in any given situation and exploring that.  To make a decision based on care' is a well and truly valid enough reason to create loving boundaries and empowered choices.
In the Tree Sister's talk, I spoke about a few weeks ago, they spoke of nature being a force of 'Radical abundance and fierce generosity' Look at a tree, seed, and fruit for instance, and how generous and abundant it is. Caring for ourselves so we can care for our community and environment is probably the most revolutionary act for our times. We can change the dialogue from a self-sacrificing grind to the freedom to create a world where care is paramount, where work is giving care. And my word just watch that grow and be embraced with open arms. The satisfaction of joyful work.
This is huge and will require rest to be energized to make the right choices in this direction and to be sustainable. The dictionary term for rest is 'To cease work or movement in order to relax, sleep, or recover strength'
Rest is a caring act. We are resting when we are creative. We are resting when we connect with land and community. Fun is rest. Being present is rest. The list goes on. Resting to recover strength is available in many forms.
Let's keep our cups full in every way we can, let them runneth over with the imaginations and joy we have created, let's give care and thrive in this. In our common sense, grounded, humble and always so joyful care.
Viva la revolution!
Jessica and I met when Fill Good started at Saturday's Healesville Farmer's Market. We connected over our love of food and Jessica requested some great ingredients that many of you have enjoyed. I've popped over to her site and taken many recipe inspirations and when I heard about Jessica's book, I knew Fill Good needed to share this with you all. 
To get an idea of what you can expect from Jessica's book, E.A.T stands for Education At the Table. 
Included in E.A.T are easy to follow nutritional information and recipes. I have truly flipped the way I do my meal proportions. I have always eaten well, but now I have taken it up a notch with food choices and recipes with many wheat flour alternatives that are super easy, so delicious and really work! Tesla has been cooking up a storm with me, as the instructions and pictures are so comprehensive and the boys are eating it all up, no issues at all! Delicious sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian options are spilling out of this treasure of a book.
Jessica's Cherry and Rhubarb Crumble Slice is one of the first recipes we made and was a thorough hit! Pop across to Jessica's site and socials and you have just found a very valuable and generous resource. Jessica's online info is a fine example of radical abundance and fierce generosity.
Once again, we're a blessed community with such a local legend. Yes, let's rest with some dynamic and nutritious cooking!

After many many requests, we now have Epsom Salts. What a perfect addition to our Revolution of Rest week! The garden is plentiful with herbs and botanicals to add to a truly decadent bath or foot soak as we recover our energy and let our imaginations roam. 
Dave's balm is back and has quite the fan club! Hands, face, body, skin all over this balm moisturizes, heals, and soothes for dry skin conditions and general moisturizing. Dave's miracle balm has the wax from his very own bees, his own brewed calendula olive oil, and a little coconut oil. That is all! A brilliant hand made balm in an easy to carry tin that is handy to have once the balm is finished. I love his tins!
We have quite the hidden gem in the main street of Warby in the stunning old CFA building where the Warburton Wellspring Centre resides. This center has not only rooms for practitioners to hire out at incredibly affordable rates, it is also offer an opportunity for a workspaces, communal dining and kitchen, events, and a pop-up shop area. Run as a not for profit, the prices for the space are brilliant and well worth a look should you need space for any of the above. They have many vacancies at the moment and open casual time slots as the center gets back on their feet after the lockdown. 
Do take a look and should you feel called to, there is a Go Fund Me campaign to help pay off the expenses that the space had to continue to keep during the lockdown. 
Warburton Wellspring is a space where care is offered and also ready to give you the opportunity to practice any of your work or creations you're bringing into the world. 
Our community is thriving with talent, abundance, and opportunity.
Happy Sunday dear ones, may we rest easy with what feels right for our highest good. May we joyfully give and receive care. Let's bring these Sunday feels. into the rest of our week.

Chris and the Fill Good Fam

We acknowledge that this newsletter was written on and our business is located on Wurrundjeri Country. We pay respects to Wurrundjeri elders, past, present and emerging. We love and appreciate this land and those who have cared for it before us. May we leave behind the fruits of our care for those that follow.