Well, my darlins' in my last newsletter I did throw out a little teaser and here I am coming good on it!

We are very happy to introduce Everlasting Farm's collaboration with Fill Good!

Our two worlds have met, fallen in love with each other and there are such wonderful offerings right now and on the horizon for our community.




Why yes, let's! Jordan and Bronte, who are Everlasting Farm, initially were not going to take on chickens and were happy with their beloved ducks and geese, However, a rooster named Dawn had other ideas and made his way into their lives. To keep Dawn company he needed his mate, and along came a highly spirited Araucana hen Dusk. And now we have Dawn and Dusk as well as a sweet little flock of 20 heritage breed chickens of many varieties. 

Sweet Dusk is not one to follow the flock, as each day there is always a hunt for Dusk's gorgeous blue eggs. You see she does not like to lay where the other chooks do. She prefers goat feeders, hay bales, at the base of various trees. She keeps Jordan and Bronte on their toes as they search each day to find her precious blue eggs. And my word they are worth it, to open a carton of Everlasting Farm's eggs and being met with a blue egg amongst the most exquisite pallet of browns and creams is heaven, As you know the tale behind Dusk's blue eggs when you receive one in your Everlasting Farm dozen, you'll know what a treasure it is. I wonder if Dusk and Dawn's newly hatched offspring will inherit this unpredictable egg laying trait?


The absolute perfection of this story does not stop there! 



The land Everlasting Farm dwells on has been in Jordan's family for 4 generations. Love and respect for the land in a thriving relationship has a family tradition of organic and biodynamic farming, This family's roots run deep. A fine homage to this is Aunty Barbara's HUGE 80-year-old oak tree. One day, as a sweet child Barbara, popped an acorn into the ground next to the family home wanting to grow a tree. How many of us did this, as kids? I know I had a few cracks. Well, little Barabara's tree grew! This majestic tree has become the loving centre of the farm.

When Jordan and Bronte returned to the valley after traveling and working on organic farms up the east coast, it was under this tree, they lived in their tent and settled onto the land. Bronte describes being under this tree as a huge, cool loving hug. Today this is where the chooks live and graze while in rotation on 5 acres, near dams, veggie beds, and all over. The wild birds follow them from this canopy where they play and frolic in their nests, including a Tawny Mouth Owl. It is a hive of activity, diversity, and nature's magic living harmoniously under Aunty Barabara's big oak tree. and on the land where generations worked, lived, and played. This, my friend, is where Everlasting Farm chooks are raised and lay their nutritious eggs full of great life force. 





Under their oak tree, there is a huge microcosm of many bugs, insects and worms. The chickens scratch and feast on this biodiversity. The soil is alive and booming! Jordan also sprouts grains for his chickens daily. This is the beauty of a small scale operation, these precious and intimate practices can take place. Sometimes apple cider vinegar is used also.
This dedication is our introduction to Everlasting Farm's practice of providing the most delicious and nutrient-dense food possible. We are so incredibly lucky in our intimate community to have these limited eggs now available via Fill Good .

You will find them on our site under the EGGS section. They are in limited supply as there are just 20 chickens at the moment, another small number are but wee chicks, are on their way. Heritage breed chicken eggs, exquisite colours, thick crisp shells, and deep golden yolks. Vital and beautiful life force is offered to us from Jodan's and Bronte's loving hands.  All eggs are around the 700gms egg size. Order asap, as there is a limited supply. A wonderful staple for your Fill Good kitchen.
Dear ones we have created a strong and committed community. Our work together gives producers like Everlasting Farm the confidence to have a viable livelihood here in the valley and we get to share in their bounty while supporting these custodians of the land, our food, and our health. Gosh, we're in good hands all together! I believe we are well on the way to a regenerative economy for all living beings.
Huge thanks Jordan and Bronte for your loving and beautiful work in the world and sharing it with us.

Do check out our new 'EGGS' category.
With huge love and appreciation for you all.

Chris and the Fill Good Fam
We acknowledge that this newsletter was written on and our business is located on Wurrundjeri Country. We pay respects to Wurrundjeri elders, past, present and emerging.