Hello Dear Ones,
'No great story started with business as usual' - Martin Shaw
This line just hit me like a thunderbolt! I have found myself longing for a bit of business as usual. The pre-COVID time, where we indulged in the idea that we could predict a little of what was to come, what we could work towards, and I even entertained the idea I had the luxury of time and consistency to get it right. Oh, the old days! Tongue in cheek, it was just 6 months ago! Business as usual.
The last 2 weeks I have not written to you all as I found myself in grief and overwhelm for all that has been lost during this time. Our old business as usual. A time where I took so much for granted. I am quite unable to articulate this, the loss of lives, freedoms, jobs and businesses. Time with loved ones, gatherings and experiences...the list goes on. There is an inescapable constant tension to varying degrees we are living with. The loss of business as usual and do we dare to have a great story? 
The most helpful call to action I have had is to ask myself is 'What would love do?' 
So I took some time the last 2 weeks and did not write, and I rested and reflected.
A cool question hey? "What would love do?" This has been my north and when I'm flailing it is usually because I have forgotten to check in with "What would love do?"
Love has a spectrum of actions, thoughts and words that express what love looks like to each one of us in any situation. We are magnificently diverse. Love may present as tenderness, affection, generosity or a call to action, possibly a time to maintain a clear and protected boundary, or a love-filled rage saying "Stop, enough!" Always compassionate, always acknowledging our own and each other's right to our human expression and safety without violating another's right to be human and safe whatever safety may look like to another. 
In all our combined longing to have some business as usual, where we once felt more secure I find the following Declaration of Human Rights a powerful guide of 'What love would do' no matter which side of the fence you are on, per say, whether it be personal or political. 
We have never been more connected and reliant on each other and our land to get through this time. This COVID trickster has turned everything on its head and now how can our inner climate change transform our external climate change. What is a truly renewable, indefatigable energy source....yep, it's love! All great stories are love stories.
For me, I'm consciously working at falling deeply in love with life, with all its complex and difficult aspects to keep fuelling my work of 'What love would do' 


Fill Good continues to take steps to be a regenerative business. The more we give, the more we receive, grow and give back. With all this thriving and growing our newsletter is no longer adequate to share all the resources and the great work there is to do. We are now ready to take a significant step into the Social pages of Instagram and Facebook

This is an action we have taken our time to grow into, as it a step with a huge responsibility, not just a marketing tool. We take your time very seriously with the content we will be sharing. All will be running through our filter of, 'How does this serve?' 'Is it a useful tool for our community?' ' What would love do?' We don't want to be filling our community's news feed with noise. Each time one of our posts is read we are incredibly grateful.  

This move is now possible as we have the enormous privilege to have Melanie Joy taking on this role with me. Many of you know Mel, and for those of you who do not, she has had a great impact and influence on myself and many other local small businesses with her business, Agreena. Agreena is Mel's brainchild, a silicone 3in1 wrap, a world first. Her product is now one of the valley's great national and international exports. Her courage has taken her on a journey of learning serious local and global business lessons that she brings home to the valley in many ways. Mel is a quiet achiever, extremely grounded with her love of her family, land and sheep, while also an adventurer in life. She is dynamic, and down to earth, with a quick and ever-present wit and humour. With Mel, Fill Goods' next step into socials looks bright and important as we grow our reach, community service and engagement. 

I very much want to thank Mel for taking this on with us. Mel you have always been part of the Fill Good journey. You got me over the line in the very beginning, you paved the way to give me the confidence to start my businesses on your coat tails and we juggle the balance of life, love, and business with our indefatigable support for each other and our work in the world. I am so incredibly excited to take this Fill Good ride with you further. 

Buckle up, friends. It's going to be a great ride and story we can all share in! To give you a glimpse of Mel's professional achievements, have a look at the Agreena site.


It has been a while since we have added new products as we have been busy tweaking and ironing out any kinks in our beautiful new website to make sure that it is easy and fun to navigate for both you and us. And now we're ready to roll out the new products you are all looking for. Fill Good continues to Grow


Yep, my friends, you read this right, Fill Good now has our own range of Faritrade, Organic Coffee in 2 varieties and decaff!
We have worked together with our dear favourite local coffee roasters to bring you our coffee that is unique to us. Coffee is packed fresh within an hour or two of pick up in our brown paper bags. Super fresh delicious coffee plastic-free from supplier to you! No more coffee packs into landfill!! Whoo hoo!


This mighty butter can go into everything from chocolate to cosmetics. 
Cacao butter is rich in antioxidants and has a creamy texture and mild chocolate flavour and aroma. It is rich in Vitamin E and Omega 6 and Omega 9 and is used in both culinary and cosmetic applications. Cacao butter can be used in chocolate making, baking, raw desserts, and bliss balls and smoothies. It is also a common ingredient in richly moisturising body balms, butters and lip balms.



I'm going to add our roasted hazelnuts. Some coconut flakes and some of our juicy dried fruit would also work a treat.



Pop this into a jar for a natural and luxurious body moisturizer. No more of those plastic cosmetic bottles. Luxury you can make yourself.





Ok, we have to confess, the boys in my family are mango mad and I did manage to get some in stock a few weeks ago, but it was gone before it made it to the site! They were mango starved but now sated and I have some more mango for you all now!
...hands off Tesla, Aramein, and Michael!

Not just delicious, dried mango is a good source of vitamins A and C, have anti-inflammatory properties, and make a wonderful sweet and healthy snack. Dried mango cheeks are also wonderful added to cereals, trail mixes, and smoothies.

A great way to tide us over until mango season starts. Oh, be still my beating heart!


Well dear ones, that is all for this week.

Our newsletter will continue to keep you all up to date with our happenings in this lovely format. We would be so happy if you would take a second to click on the socials links below and like and share our page to as many friends that you feel would appreciate not only our fresh plastic-free food but also our information, recipes and ideas.

I leave you with this stunning essay from Martin Shaw, who inspired me so much these last few weeks. His prose on the power of story is both balm and inspiration.

Small Gods Essay ~ Dr. Martin ShawDr Martin Shaw


Sending huge love
Chris and the Fill Good Fam


We acknowledge that this newsletter was written on and our business is located on Wurrundjeri Country. We pay respects to Wurrundjeri elders, past, present and emerging.