Hello Rock Stars!
And yes I do not say that lightly, rock stars you are in our eyes! Every single one of you guys rock our world.

Have any of you eaten under the moonlight? Here is a memory to cast yourself back to or an opportunity to make a magical one.....Last night was so clear and stunning we ended up out of doors late. Some late-night Jamie viewing, watching both Jamie and Genaro in Sicily, learning traditional cooking from 92 year old Nonna Francina had our hearts bursting, imaginations soaring and mouths watering as the magic of people and food wove its spell. The moonlight was beaming in, and we cooked. At 11pm we fried a thick slice Heavenly Leaven Spelt bread, smothered in Stone and Crow goats cheese, tore olives and other delights over the top and we sat under the moonlight. All felt perfect and right, simple and exquisite. Michael even pottered in the garden. 

Did Jamie and Nonna have any idea what they would inspire? Probably not, but that is magic for you, the spice of life and love. 

Another clear night during this full moon? Whip up a late-night supper and take it all in!

So while we are talking about magic, how great is the creation of the new site? What magical creation is the internet?  

There are a few points we are working on to make the pick up options more seamless but there is GOLD to be found if you dig a little deeper.




Bulk buying has not disappeared from our site but has gotten even easier. You will find for each product a size bar and a quantity bar.
Click on the size bar and you will see the multiple size options and the bulk buy savings. 
There are significant savings for bulk almonds, boxes of milk, flours, and more.




Pick up now is not just from Don Valley, we also offer pick up from Ecoss on Fridays and Healesville Farmers Market on Saturdays. 
Let us know your pick up preference via your order summary. There is a comments box below your order summary, fill this in by following the prompt and we will see what day and time you would like to pick up. Groovy baby!


We encourage you to place your order a few days in advance. This optimises your chance to get all you have requested. We do get our packing days full up and have to reallocate days often. Our apologies for any inconvenience.

The sooner you pop your order in the more likely you are to get the pickup time you request and products you order.


Here's a little pic of our new regular, you may come across him at pick up. I looked up Kookaburra energy and how cool is this!
Kookaburras symbolize laughter, happiness, joy, pleasure, amusement, the bright side of life, optimism, community, family, good parenting, help, fidelity, monogamy, team work, humor, unity, healing, cheekiness, etc.
That to me TOTALLY sums up our rock star community! 


At our communities request, we serve the following with love:

Organic Barley Flour

We have a dear friend Ailene, who swears barley flour was an essential ingredient when healing the digestive issue for her little one on a budget. I also had a raging success with a simple vegetable soup with barley last week over the fire. Barley grain is as a substitute for rice in risotto and a silky and delicious addition in salads. 

The humble, affordable gentle barley grain is worth a cook up. Now Organic Australian Barley Flour is available.  Below is a great recipe with lots of ingredients from our store. The heading says it all...

Super Quick Sugar-Free Banana Bread with Barley Flour

Chum Creek Hot Chocolate
This is our absolute favourite hot chocolate blend we have been enjoying for years. We re so pleased to be offering you Greg's iconic hot chocolate here for you all.

Add our soft pillowy marshmallows and you are straight back to a hot cocoa in your childhood storybooks. Vegan and gluten-free.

Nutritional Yeast
Nutritional yeast flakes, also known as savoury yeast, are golden flakes of inactive yeast that are fortified with nutrients including folic acid and B vitamins and provide a source of protein.

A super alternative to get that delicious dusty cheesy-Parmesan flavour found when avoiding dairy. We love it in frittatas, in our flatbread dough and on top of popcorn.

If you have not tried our popcorn yet, you're in for a treat. We promise you have not had fresher or fluffier.
Buckwheat Flour Organic Australian
Here is some deeply beautiful info about where we source our buckwheat flour from when it is available.

"The Damen family has been using organic farming methods to grow healthy alternative grains and seeds for more than a decade in the prime agricultural region of North-West Tasmania. The rich fertile red soil, abundance of water and seasonal sunshine allows us to grow nutrient-rich whole foods as they were grown for thousands of years.

Our journey to become certified organic began with a composting system and grew over the years until we achieved 100% certified organic status. Kindred Organics is the first organic quinoa grower in Australia, and we also grow hemp, spelt, buckwheat, oats and grassfed beef. Our products are grown, stored, processed and packed on our family farm in Kindred, Tasmania."

We share another week ahead on the wild ride called life, we've got you, you've got us and we have each other.

All our love

Chris and the Creighstars ✨💛✨
0413 593 570


We acknowledge that this newsletter was written on and our business is located on Wurrundjeri Country. We pay respects to Wurrundjeri elders, past, present and emerging.