WEEK #105 Oh 2022 Who Are You?

We acknowledge that this newsletter was written on and our business is located on Wurrundjeri Country. We pay respects to Wurrundjeri elders, past, present and emerging. We give our gratitude and love for their care of their land, water and culture and acknowledge that they never ceded sovereignty.

Oh 2022 who are you?

My teacher, my friend,

My mentor, task master

My partner in crime,

Fellow thrill seeker?

Where will I rise?

Where will I fall?

Where will I toil?

Where will I have an absolute ball? 

Just a little bit poem that popped in!

As some of you may know, .we spent 2 weeks in Mallacoota over the Summer holidays
Two weeks in the one spot. We have never stayed put for so long!

Do it! I say.

We're doing it again, and most probably as often as possible.

This full quota of time to relax unwind, have fun, recover from the fun, reflect and create a new rhythm.

I have never realized just how therapeutic holidays.

This one was magnificent.

Not because the weather was great, it was not!

Not because we didn't get bored, we did!

It was just the full quota of time to be without the demands of house life and work life to maintain.

So what are my golden nuggets from this?

1. Take more holidays
(Seriously, it is! LOL)

2. Rest, is where the gold is found. Where all can be assimilated and created 

3. Rest, is wherever joy lies.

4. Every moment is an opportunity to create it like an artist. Even doing the dishes, typing at a computer, doing the washing. It's not what we are doing, it's how we re doing it. The feels and support we give ourselves

5. Back to rest; where once I saw problems, challenges and stresses, with rest, I choose to view these as gifts, Edith Eger style I'm calling it

Nothing you have not heard before.

Gosh I just appreciate our friendship where I share my thoughts and feels to you, and you listen like a friend while feeling a little more connected to where your food comes from here at Fill Good. As sweet and easy as bumping into each other at the river on a Summer's day.

(Here I am writing the final draft from swag in the garden. My creative, simple pleasure for the moment)

So as we are maneuver our way through this time where some stock does not come through, It has me reflect back to the beginning of 2020. You know the panic buying?

Well I was bloody super human then, using our small and nimble ways to acquire stock where others were not, we managed to not run short of anything!  Everyone got what they needed

Well we don't sell toilet paper. Yet! LOL! Pasta, sauces, rice, flour. all of it. We readied ourselves for a great big huge unknown with full pantries

Our Fill Good kept every item on offer.
Well done us!

Or maybe not with the knock on effects that shipping and ultimately our dear earth is still dealing with 2 years later

Now I am seeing things differently.

I don't have a crystal ball, but there is plenty of food. Maybe not everything we want when we want it, but plenty to sub and be creative with.

Just like when we eat out of our garden, we can eat with what is seasonal with the earth seasons and what can be delivered this season.

There is food, just not the people to distribute it. 

All our suppliers are proudly small family businesses, Their hearts are in the right spot, and when they need to stop, I fully support them having to do it. There is financial strain for them
There is also reassurance for them that we are not going anywhere and are here supporting them to keep feeling good as is becoming our motto!

So sweetness, we are not fully stocked, but we have plenty here for what ever you need. Every one of you guys have been so unequivocally understanding, and what I say to our producers and suppliers flows from you guys. 

We are all feeling your love

You absolute legends.

So let's keep looking out for each other. 

Keep standing on our common ground of health, connection to community and land.

Remembering we're here as it's out time to care ( Tyson Yunkaporta )

And let's love the absolute hell out of the blessing to be sharing this year together. Whatever it will be it can be the great stories we will tell proudly in time to come.

Stories of bravery, compassion, care, adventure, humility and learning (to just name a few possibilities 😍).

All that comes our way can be a gift if we can view it this way. When a situation is not longer serving, the first step is no longer rely on it. Let's  take care of ourselves and then we are able to ripple that out to another.(the giving is the receiving, the receiving is the giving)

Love you guys so much. I'm rested and I am going to try my absolute darnest to keep this as a priority with some strategies to leave what no longer to serves and organising supports to enable my rest, and from that creativity and fun  thrives!  Whoo Hoo!!

 I'm absolutely fascinated and excited to see where this will lead. I have some pretty exciting and delicious ideas. I'm here to bring life an fun into the everyday. My act of service while we journey 2022

Big squeezy cuddles and kisses

Chris and the Fill good Fam!


P.S.(I'm getting into the swing of socials, so if you are into this, you can see me there. Social media stories I treat like you have walked into my shop and we're having a chat. Posts are like my shop front of what's going on. This has been a really lovely perspective of how to navigate this space)



P.P.S Wednesday newsletter will have a really special local offering. Unique and delicious, made under our recent full moon 💛