WEEK #104 Because Of Delight. Because Of Stubborn Gladness.

We acknowledge that this newsletter was written on and our business is located on Wurrundjeri Country. We pay respects to Wurrundjeri elders, past, present and emerging. We give our gratitude and love for their care of their land, water and culture and acknowledge that they never ceded sovereignty. 

Why hello my darling.

Have I got something for you!

A few nights ago I felt like something beautiful to read.
You know, like the way you may crave a piece of delicious chocolate?
Well I wanted this from my bed time reading.

And oh my dear Elizabeth Gilbert did not let me down,

In the first few pages of Big Magic she had me!

Poet, Jack Gilbert's, teachings to his students

'He did not teach them to how to write poetry,
but why:

Because of delight.
Because of Stubborn Gladness.

He told them that they must live their most creative lives as a means of fighting against the ruthless furnace of this world.

Most of all, he asked his students to be brave.

Without bravery, he instructed, they would never be able to realize the vaulting scope of their own capacities.

Without bravery, they would never know the world as richly as it longs to be known.

Without bravery, their lives would remain small-far smaller than they wanted their lives to be.'


My darling hasn't this year made us ever so braver?

It has been pretty unavoidable, but how alive have we felt?

It has been the time to truly walk our talk. It just does not cut it, by a long shot, to just be spouting off and waxing lyrical about wanting a better world. We have needed to create it. We are indeed being given the golden opportunity to be the strongest, smartest, creative, bravest, kindest, most compassionate people and community,

What have we not let happen on our watch?
What have we learnt?
What are our priorities now?
What has breathed fire into our bellies?

I have without a doubt lived and honed my stubborn gladness, in spite of the furnace of this world.
My joy has been precious and vital.
Once upon a time I took my joy for granted. waiting for the external world to deliver a situation that sparked my joy.

Well now I have my self sustaining joy and it vital to meet the furnace.

I could have been braver at times, yes. And I have compassion for myself that I was doing my best with what I had at the time.

And that is just it honey, we must be as brave as we know how to be for our selves first, so then we can be brave for others.

What a force we are turning out to be.

While things may seem dire in our shared adversity, there is plenty of magic the human spirit has on offer if we but stick to our stubborn gladness.

I'll share another story with you

Little messages do come in the most unexpected ways and this one came from the SBS reality show 'Alone'

Alone takes place in Patagonia, where 10 people are dropped off, solo, in remote locations where they must live completely on the land. That's right, solo, they are building their own shelters, hunting, protecting themselves from predators and the wild climate. Truly this stuff would usually infuriate me a bit, to see people struggle, ALONE, doing what they should be doing in a community situation. This is not my idea of fun. BUT, there is a big BUT. a dear friend told me to watch Season 3.

So I did. It was fascinating and inspiring to watch, the incredible creative ways these guys lived on the land. However the gift of this show was Callie. 

Let me tell you a little about Callie.

We watched as the contestants were dropped off. How they all went gung ho straight into scoping out the land, building their shelters, all very aware about their fresh energy needing to be optimized.

All but Callie.
Callie spent her first 4 days, swimming, sun bathing and building a chair our of bamboo to watch the view of the lake comfortably. She became familiar with her land with her delight, in a temporary shelter. 

By the end of the first 4 days, 'The Survivors' (I like to call them) had made their fortified shelters, fished and foraged and hunkered down to ride out the rest of their stay.

It was after 4 days, Callie then felt ready, inspired and acclimatized enough to start the creative process of building her long term shelter.

'The Survivors kept up their work of keeping their fires going, hunting, tidying their, shelters, all very sensible, but they start to feel isolated and alone. The shelters are looking dark and cave like.

Callie is laying her river stone floor and stone hearth. She is making bamboo coat hangers, shelves, sculptures, furniture, musical instruments and singing songs. She is light and bright and glad

The survivors are counting calories, and days between catching fish.
Callie is thanking the land for it's abundance for whatever it brings her way.

Traps, and fencing are being built by The Survivors as they nervously stay inside their tents at night hoping not to get attacked by a predator.

Callie has the most magnificent wind chimes and sculptures keeping sound and air ringing through her camp, creating a beautiful and unfamiliar sound and energy that keeps the predators at bay

The Survivors start to get cold and tired.
Callie builds a sweat lodge and has a sauna with warmed river stones and fresh lake water for steam.

The survivors meet many a physical challenge and start to drop off
Callie, is playing. She is creating in her wonderland. everything is a gift and opportunity. Everything is a curiosity to experience and accept with love and gratitude. Callie also has a wicked sense of humour which I LOVE!

I'll stop here, so as not to spoil Callie's journey should you care to watch this show for yourselves, on SBS on Demand. It has an unexpected outcome, and the most perfect outcome.  Callie's stubborn delight and creative playfulness against the very challenging Patagonian furnace of that world has inspired me through many a challenging situation.

What a year we have shared together, Actually two years!
We're only a two and a half year business too.
A  two and half year community.

I have felt such connection, gratitude, inspiration, compassion, kindness and understanding from you all and this is more precious than gold.

This is the antidote to the poison.

This is my source for my stubborn gladness against the furnace of this world.

Fill Good has gifted me and my family an adventure we could not have imagined in our wildest dreams.
A community our hearts longed deeply for.
A connection to our land and food that is sacred
A creation that our bravery is always richly rewarded by you all.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this year.

It is our absolute pleasure to serve you this last week of 2021 as we all prepare our feasts and cupboards for the festivities and Summer break.

We are taking a break, and Friday December 24th is our last trading day for 2021

We will be back January 19th, in time for our Community Friday Fresh. Well and truly in time for our peak Summer Harvest.

Thank you legends for supporting our local producers. 
Thank you to our producers, the rock stars bringing their brave creations into our lives

The Most Joyful and Merry Xmas to you.

Chris and the Fill Good Fam