WEEK #101 Strong Is The New Black


We acknowledge that this newsletter was written on and our business is located on Wurrundjeri Country. We pay respects to Wurrundjeri elders, past, present and emerging. 

How about you?
Maybe a lick of a bright red lipstick for me and I m set honey.

For years now we have spoken about and taken action to create our new world. You remember the world I have spoken about during our 2 years together with our dear Fill Good. You've read them, taken them in and chosen them with me. That is why you are here, subscribed.

We dreamed, spoke the words of and took many small yet significant steps to create our cleaner, freer, more just world together. A world that made more sense.

We watched movements start up that woke us up to what we had not realised we were unconsciously participating in. We got a bit of shock. We looked within. Said sorry and then did better. What opportunities these moments are. Gifts even. To fall, even experience a bit of shame and then to have the courage to dust ourselves off and feel that golden redemptive feeling of forgiveness and going forward doing better.

Creative solutions came in the ways of new products, services and cultural shifts we sought out, bought, participated in, were inspired by and supported. 

And we despaired as these shifts did not start nor come from the top down? 

Do you remember where they came from?

Yep that's right. From the grassroots up honey bunch. From us and people like us. I am pretty proud of this. Everyday people, from different backgrounds and with different views, finding their common ground for a choice based in equality and justice. 
( justice meaning, peace, and genuine respect for people)


Fill Good is such a dynamic co creation, yours and mine. We are all so different in some ways, however deep down we are not. Our foundations are the same. Choosing a business that is offering goods and services inspired by doing things better. The continued significance of what we are doing is never lost on me and continues to have me in a state of awe, wonder and reverence.


We are plastic free, we recognize the importance of less plastic generated into our children's world.  Packages are sealed with a heart as we all truly believe in giving is the receiving and the receiving is the giving. It is not whoo whoo but a simple truth that loving intention can be infused into our foods that nourish us in heart, body and mind. And indeed we do this everyday with every order.

 We have our local rock star producers growing and making the best of the best goods for us and you legends support their vital work in the world. You help grow their dreams while they support their families and inspire us as they create from their hearts. That is why we support and trust them, they feed their community directly. Fill Good is a vital co creation for many.

I am inspired by our community as we care for our food sources, each other and for our great mother. 

We know keeping our neighbours strong means a strong community that we are invited to thrive in as well.

Who else is going to be close enough to bring you a meal when you need it? Organise accommodation and clothing should a disaster occur? Who are our safety nets? Our insurance and assurance that we are taken care of?

Our community.

Where else is the opportunity to give in real time?

In community.

And where is the most fertile ground for our dreams to be planted to thrive?

Yep, that's right, our community.

I believe our possible world will be birthed in the everyday. In the small, consistent actions of our grass roots movement we are growing now. Our kids will see this as normal, to avoid plastic, know your producers, neighbours, understand diversity and equality. That they are safe to follow their dreams as community will support them. That no one will be excluded, all will be embraced. All are welcome to give and all are welcome to receive.

Just like in the picture below, we found such an unexpected moment of glorious beauty and we celebrated. The seemingly impossible is possible in the everyday.

Strong is the new black

Love is the classic black tux for our gents.
Love is the classic elegant black dress for the women.
Well, today we women can rock the black suit and with some Bowie like flair we have men rocking a dress.

We can look at the past, where the classics came from, there is no end of inspiration there for us to take their loving strength and make it our own.

It's in the music, movies, writers, stories and history books.

We can all rock the cool, understated elegance of wearing classic black. .

 That is true class.

Love is simple and clean cut.
that is it's strength

Everything we say and do is an expression of who we are, the choices we make, our values. 

I see you, love you, thank you for your loving and creative strength.

Let's live, love and thrive this blessed Sunday

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Chris and the Fill Good Fam xx