WEEK #100 Hello You Magnificent Legend!

We acknowledge that this newsletter was written on and our business is located on Wurrundjeri Country. We pay respects to Wurrundjeri elders, past, present and emerging. 

Hello you magnificent legend!

Yes you my darling!  I'm here writing to remind you how absolutely, completely, utterly and without exception how magnificently legendary you are.

And I am and we are together right now!

It's a pretty vital reminder and belief in my books.

Acknowledging our strength, resilience and creativity. To dare to work on this belief, that we are indeed strong, smart and capable in our own perfect and unique way. Because you actually are honey bunch. You are oh so capable and strong.

How do I know this?

Well, that you are here honey. That we are here together facing each day during this momentous time.

This is a very individual experience for us all. The macro is the same, but our micro, each of our inner workings are getting their own overhauls and challenges to meet.

As we meet them, we are forging such inner strength, dare I say, tempering us for the rest of our lives. The way a smith would temper a sword for both hardness and elasticity. We have such opportunity for this as we courageously go forward.

This has been coming through quite strongly for me as I have bravely explored my choices with what keeps me strong.

In a time where there are so many rules and restrictions, I have explored my own personal rules and restrictions.

Many of these were so damn outdated and we're still running on expectations that were not important  nor sustainable with life now. 

I have bravely followed my heart and gut feels and exercised the loving self discipline in service to keeping myself strong.

As indeed, creativity has no limits when we are coming from our hearts.

My emails and newsfeed are full of the magnificent humans and organizations I have subscribed to, Jazze Jervis is one of these wonderful people and a few weeks ago she sent across to her subscribers the following sequence of questions that I journal each morning.

These have set me on my way to meet each day. It has been magnificent! Just like when I make a to do list, and I look back at it after a few days and find I am surprised with how much I have accomplished on it just by putting my intention out there into the ether.

I journal the following question

I describe my dreams in as much details as I can remember

I look up online the signs and symbolisms from my dreams, following what feels truthful for me

How am I feeling this morning? Why do I feel this way this morning?

Are there some limiting beliefs or negative thoughts that I need to reframe in order to create what I want in my life?

What empowering thoughts can I choose instead?

What are 3 things I am grateful for today?

What are 3 mantras I can use today to support my reframed thoughts?

What 3 things is my Highest Self committing to creating/doing/thinking today?

Write out  statements as if I have already created what I am hoping and dreaming of.

Just like eating well to keep our bodies immune systems strong. This journaling for me has been a means of vital emotional, psychological and spiritual nourishment.

I finish with some meditation, yoga and a small walk and go forward and meet my day.

It is vital now to stay strong.
Our Thoughts
Our Words
Our Actions
are ours alone

Our freedom to choose how we view our lives, to me is the stuff of Mandela and Ghandi.
Our freedom of care for our bodies, minds and hearts.

With this strength and faith in ourselves, we can remain calm and meet whatever comes our own way as an opportunity for personal growth and enhancement.

Our Love is vital
Our Joy is vital
Our Gratitude is vital.

Our Connection with each other is vital.

You are a


And I am so grateful to have you with me during this time.

I am fresh from a weeks break from Fill Good. Thank you so much for your understanding with my choice and need to take a break. There is no rule book at the moment for when it is appropriate to take a break and close a business for a week. I made my own choice for this and changed some of my own outdated rules! 

We are back, fresh, fortified and grateful to be a loving and nourishing service for you all in whatever capacity we are to you and our co creation of Fill Good.

( Our website is on the process of coming back online. It is not as seamless as I had hoped. By the end of the day it should be working again.)

Sending you love, joy and strength 

Chris and the Fill Good Fam xx